Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frangipani Benefits

Frangipani (Plumeria rubra L.cv. Acutifolia.) The origin of this plant from the tropics and Africa Amirika. These trees include ornamental plants, included in the family Apocynaceae. The flowers consist of several types including: white and red, or Japanese. The trunk of a hard woody stem height, reaching 6 feet, much branched, the main stem large, soft young branches, the stems tend bengkokdan bergatah. Another name for frangipani Plumeria acuminata, among others, Ait. P. acuminata, Roxb.P. acutifolia, Poir.P. alba, Blanco.P.obtusa, Lour. P. rubra, Linn, from acutifolia Woods. P. rubra, Linn. var. acutifolia (Poir) Bailey. A frangipani leaf green leaves, oval-shaped with both ends tapered and somewhat hard to leaf veins are prominent, often fall out especially when the blossom. While the flowers are trumpet-shaped, appearing at the ends of the stems, leaves flowers amounted to 5 pieces, flowering throughout the year. Frangipani plants can flourish in the soil to the low altitude of 700 meters above sea level, thrives almost everywhere and do not choose a particular climate for breeding. Local name of this plant are:
> <Cambodia (Indonesia),
> <Semboja (Java),
> <Flowers jebun (Bali);
> <Samoja, Kamoja (Sunda),
> <Flowers lomilate (Gorontalo);
> <Campaka molja / baskets (Madura),
> <Pandam (Minangkabau);
> <Karasuti, Kolosusu, Tintis (Minahasa),
> <Capaka stronghold (Tidore). S Tree Sap Cambodia (Plumeria acuminata) contain a type of rubber compounds, triterpenoid amyrin, lupeol, kautscuk and resin. Volatility of oil content consisting of geraniol, sitronellol, linallol, farnesol and fenetilalkohol.

Some properties of frangipani plants:

Treat skin inflammation. Way, take the sap from the stems of frangipani then mix with a few drops of coconut oil. Dab / rub on the affected skin inflammation.
Cathartic cure. Way, take a little frangipani sap then mix with 1/2 cup warm water. Drink this potion.
Washing the blood. Way, take a frangipani tree bark taste, then boil and take the water. Drink this mixture (bitter taste).
Closing cavities. Way, take a few drops of skin frangipani sap, then lumaskan on cotton, and used to cover dental cavities. Do 1 a day. Be careful not to hit that tooth decay is not

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